Matt Nae.
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Hello, I am music composer and computer graphic artist. I am free to compose you music or make you stunning graphics. Below please find my works. Please don't hesitate to write me.

Music compositions
"All Right" - funky tune with tons of energy to take!
"When you leave" - great pop ballad with emotions and incredible singer. Please listen the chorus. Mariah Carey and Celine Dion 90's ballads style.
"Forever My" - Nice mix of hook pop song with dose of rap and scratches!
"Tears of River Cry" - Asian flavour pop with great voice and nostalgia.
"This is Nae" - Short music theme with solo electric guitar dipped in funk.
"You really mean a lot to me (instrumental)" - Silky moderate tempo pop song (will be with voice).

~Where blank page turns into the passion.

I am Matt Nae. I graduted in piano and accordion but also have other instruments experience. For over 30 yaers I have composed different genres music (pop/rock/classic) and this is my real passion. When arranging I love to play real instruments. Brass and string section add so much depth into the music. I use real instruments but I am not restricted to it and also use digital instruments (WestEast, NI). I also do entry mix and postproduction (ITB). You may check quality of my works above.

I have also extensive knowledge and experience in computer graphics. I started to use computer graphics software in late '90s. Since then I have been using Photopoint/Draw and also Photoshop, to retouch, manipulate and all above to create new quality images.

~My passion is composing
visualisation which pass the ideas through the images

2LS Nostalgy Tunku
History Salsa Flower
I am Nostalgy Rooster
Much frog Flower
Bee Nae Fury